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From humble beginings first filling the summers during University, Leveled Ground has evolved and Grown through the years.  Learn more about Adam Sidenberg and the company he started below. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call Adam at (416) 728-2720 or email us.

First Started in 1997 as a way to keep ourselves busy during the summers and pay for Unviersity,I started this business based on a love of using my hands, working outdoors and fixing and beautifuly people's properties.

What started with resurfacing asphalt and then interlocking driveways progressed to extensive repair work, replacing whole driveways, working with flagstone & masonry, and pressure washing cleaning & sealing.  


Then I graduated from Chiropractic College as Dr. Adam and sadly walked away from my beloved company to pursue my planned profession. Though I loved caring for patients and healing with my hands, after 8 years of missing the outdoor work before i decided to return to my first and favorite career. 

Landscaping repair and construction is a business I love to do and that is fun to work at every day.  Every new home and project I work on is an opportunity to fix somenting, make it look good as new again, and create a happy satisfied customer.  


I want to exceed your expectations and know that showing up on time, doing what we say I'm going to do, communicating as the job progresses, cleaning up as we go and not screwing up creates a happy customer.  The ways to make a happy customer are simple and something I take great pride in fostering.  


I love doing this work, take great pride in being really good at it, and I would feel priviliged to have an opportunity to work on your property and earn your trust to work on your home.


I look forward to working with you.


                                         Adam Sidenberg


Request a free quote now or call us at 416-728-2720

"We want to exceed your expectations"


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