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Is water running towards your house?

Water in the basement is a nightmare that many people have had to deal with. While properly waterproofing your foundation is essential, ensuring that the water on your property and from your downspouts drains away from your foundation rather than running towards it. Water when it pools will cause the limestone base under your interlock to dissolve due to the acidity of our rain in Ontario. That means that when your interlock starts to sink and pool with water, it will worsen faster and faster over time. That's why the best time to fix sunken interlock is right now. The more it sinks, invariably the more time, energy and money it takes to fix the problem.

If you do have any issues with your foundation, only the more reason to ensure that your driveway approaching the garage, walkways down the side of the house, and patios in the backyard are sloped away from the house. We'll lift the stones up, re-grade the ground and lay the stones back in, blending them with the rest of the work so that it doesn't look "patched up".

Pooling water also freezes in the winter time, and creates falling hazards that are a constant hassle to keep cleared, as melting snow will always flow down to the low point and freeze as temperatures drop overnight.

Don't put off fixing your driveway, walkway and patio any longer. Give us a call at (416) 728-2720 (or click here to email us) and we'll take care of it for you.

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